dealing deal‧ing [ˈdiːlɪŋ] noun
1. [uncountable] FINANCE the job or activity of buying and selling stocks, shares, foreign currencies etc on a financial market; = TRADING AmE:

• After the first hour of dealing, the FTSE had slipped 10.1 to 3025.3.

Share dealings in the new issue will begin on Dec. 8.

• a full range of currency dealing services

ˌafter-hours ˈdealing [uncountable] FINANCE
buying and selling stocks, shares, etc after the financial markets have officially closed for the day; = AFTER-HOURS TRADING AmE:

• After-hours dealing in the June Footsie contract suggested that the market is all set to go better again today.

ˌfair ˈdealing
1. [uncountable] COMMERCE a way of doing business that is honest and treats people equally:

• Any reputable company or adviser will be keen to preserve a reputation for fair dealing.

2. [uncountable] LAW reasons given for using or copying a book, film, song etc without the permission of the person or company that owns or made it, that a court of law can accept as reasonable; = FAIR USE AmE
inˌsider ˈdealing [uncountable] FINANCE
when someone uses knowledge of a particular company, situation etc that is not available to other people in order to buy or sell shares. Insider dealing is illegal; = INSIDER TRADING AmE
ˌover-the-ˌcounter ˈdealing [uncountable] especially BrE FINANCE
the buying and selling of shares etc directly between dealers over the telephone and computer systems; = OVER-THE COUNTER TRADING AmE:

• In national over-the-counter dealing, Pearson shares closed at 702.62p, up 6.62p.

ˌwheeling and ˈdealing [uncountable] COMMERCE
business activities that involve a lot of complicated and sometimes dishonest deals:

• With so much wheeling and dealing going on in the industry, we can expect to see more legal suits.

— wheeler-dealer noun [countable] :

• He thinks of himself as a real wheeler-dealer.

2. dealings [plural] the business relationships or activities that you have become involved in:

• The secret dealings of his department were made public.

• Anyone who has had dealings with an insurance company knows how long it takes for payment to be made.

ˌshady ˈdealings [plural]
illegal or dishonest dealings:

• accusations of shady dealings and bribery

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